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Apparent Power / Brightness,The intensity

of light as it appears to the human eye.  The eye is most sensitive to wavelengths (colors) in the center of the visible spectrum.  Hence, green light will appear brighter tthan any other color of light of the same power or magnitude.  As another example, a 633nm red Helium-Neon laser appears approximately eight times brighter than a red 670nm diode laser of the same output power.  See the diagram to the right for relative eye sensitivity versus wavelength.

Coherence,  A term describing light as waves which are in phase in both time and space. Monochrome and low divergence are two properties of coherent light.

APC,   Automatics power control, assemble a monitor PD in laser, feedback photocurrent and control the laser power stability.

Beam Diameter,The distance between diametrically opposed points in the cross section of a circular beam where the intensity is reduced by a factor of 1/e (0.368) of the peak level (for safety standards). The value is normally chosen at 1/e2 (0.135) of the peak level for manufacturing specifications.

Beam Divergence, Angle of beam spread measured in radians or milliradians. For small angles where the cord is approximately equal to the arc, the beam divergence can be closely approximated by the ratio of the cord length (beam diameter) divided by the distance (range) from the laser aperture.

M2,  A measurement of laser quality. M2 is a single number that describes the beam’s quality in comparison to a theoretically perfect Gaussian beam, and that can be used to predict a real, non-Gaussian beam’s behavior in an optics system.

CW,The output of a laser that is operated in a continuous (pulse duration >0.25s) rather than a pulsed mode

Nd:YVO4 Laser,A synthetic crystal used as a laser medium to produce 1064 nm light.

Modulation,The ability to superimpose an external signal on the output beam of the laser as a control.

Output Power,The energy per second measured in watts emitted from the laser in the form of coherent light.

Polarization,Restriction of the vibrations of the electromagnetic field to a single plane, rather than the innumerable planes rotating about the vector axis. Various forms of polarization include random, linear, vertical, horizontal, elliptical, and circular.

Stability, The ability of a laser system to resist changes in its operating characteristics. Temperature, electrical, dimensional, and power stability are included.

TEM00, The lowest order mode possible with a bell-shaped (Gaussian) distribution of light across the laser beam.